There is simply a totally different kind of feeling once you manage to distill various alcoholic beverages on your own and you can surely win accolades after you learn to make moonshine in your own home. A little practice along with matching alcohol distillation equipment can help you to turn into a master distiller and surprise your near and dear ones by whipping up delectable alcohol drinks that can be enjoyed neat or in the form of various cocktails too.

Moonshine used to be an illegal and secretive word during those days of prohibition where people used to distill heady drinks out of the eyes of local authorities. The name has remained in force today although several countries now allow home distillation on a small scale while a few countries allow specific proof levels on moonshine distilled at home. You can check your country’s distillation laws for moonshine derived from small stills located in homes or garages before you proceed any further. If your country does allow distilling of moonshine at home then you can seek out a ready moonshine still from select online stores or can even attempt to build your own still with materials that can be located in any hardware or home improvement store.

Your first step in moonshine or ethanol or alcohol distillation will require an efficient pot distillation still with a capable ethanol distillation column fitted over it. This equipment will ensure that the vapors released after boiling your fermented mash of water and key natural ingredients such as grains, vegetables, or fruits, is segregated before it enters the attached metal tube. An ethanol column filled with packing is necessary to obstruct harmful elements from reaching towards the collection vessel while only allowing pure ethanol to proceed further. Your still will also require a water jacket or a bucket filled with cold water or simply a small fan to cool down the ethanol vapors to turn them back into liquid moonshine. Your collection vessel can then collect the droplets of condensed ethanol and you might also have to conduct this distillation process a few more times to derive potent moonshine with the desired strength and character.

You can build your own personal moonshine still simply with the help of moonshine still plans that are available in select websites over the internet. However, you should only opt for plans that are devised by experts in the distilling industry such as Gert Strand of Sweden that not only offers excellent plans but can also supply you with a complete readymade still if you are not confident about building a still on your own. In addition, you can also source pure and fortified yeast such as turbo yeast at the company’s website as well as essences and flavoring to turn your final distilled moonshine into a remarkable and unforgettable alcoholic beverage. Once you have mastered your distilling skills to high levels then you can certainly call your friends over for a night of sipping on various moonshine variants created in your very own still.

Distilling moonshine on a personal level is now legal in several countries and if you are allowed to do so in your country then you can certainly win accolades for your newly acquired distilling skills while saving money at the same time too. You too can now make moonshine at home and display your distilling skills by serving up deliciously strong and smooth moonshine to your friends and family.

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