Info about column fillings Scrub pads can be dangerous

Scrub pads in stainless steel or copper works good as column filling (but are hard to clean and very hard to to fill and remove for cleaning ).

But, do not use them if you are not 100% sure that they are made of food grade material. Scrub pads do not have to be food grade as they are used for cleaning, not cooking. The material can contains mixtures of metals, even lead, and can be made from recycled metal. If you are not sure they are food grade and clean enough to cook with your dinner, do not use them. If you use them for the price, choose spiral turnings from a lathe in food grade stainless steel.


We recommend you to use a professional column filling. On the following pages (Enter here) you can look at and get info about a lot of different column fillings - as well as our recommendation and where you can purchase it.

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