If you are bored with serving branded alcoholic beverages to visiting friends and want to surprise them with heady drinks distilled right at home then you can now impress your guests with alcohols distilled in your homemade moonshine still. You will only need adequate distilling skills as well as a capable moonshine still to enable you to produce strong and delectable ethanol right at home.

Humans discovered distilling several centuries ago and used distilled alcohols as medicines before realizing that such drinks also provided a wonderful buzz to their senses. Soon, distilleries sprouted up in several regions all around the globe. However, many countries banned various types of alcohols and spirits that were deemed to be too strong for human consumption, and resourceful drinkers turned to making moonshine at home illegally to satisfy their thirst for distilled alcoholic beverages. A few countries soon lifted the ban on home distillation of alcohol and if you belong to such a country then you too can now make moonshine in your own still situated in your home or garage.

You can certainly build your own homemade moonshine still simply with the help of free moonshine still plans that are easily available on select websites. However, you should first ensure that the still has been designed by a genuine expert while also checking if you have the necessary skills to build the entire still on your own or even with the help of close friends that can be rewarded in future with moonshine distilled in the very same still. You will also need to make sure that all components mentioned in the still plans are easily available in neighborhood hardware stores. You should opt for a pot still connected with an ethanol distillation column since this type of equipment is not only very cheap to build but is also very efficient in delivering pure ethanol in a safe and consistent manner.

You can either build your homemade moonshine still out of copper or stainless steel. Copper is extremely malleable and can thus be shaped easily to create your still without too much effort although you will need to solder all your equipment together. Copper can conduct heat quickly but can also corrode in the coming years due to strong alcohol flowing within the still. On the other hand, you can also use a stainless steel milk can along with a steel ethanol column as your choice of still since this shiny material is corrosion-proof and can last for a lifetime. You can study various moonshine still plans before you make up your mind on a still that is easy to build and delivers consistent results.

If, on the other hand, fabricating stills is not your forte then you can simply visit the internet to place an online order for a compact and professional-looking moonshine distillation kit that will soon arrive at your doorsteps. You can now distill your favorite moonshine in a convenient manner and get a quick head start in the world of distilling, albeit by paying substantially more money when you buy such a kit. You will soon be able to distill palate-pleasing moonshine in a completely safe manner while ensuring minimal wastage by using pure and hardy yeast such as turbo yeast during the fermentation process.

If you want a lip-smacking change to the same old brands of various alcoholic beverages then you can certainly make your own moonshine right at home. A little effort and the right moonshine still plans will truly help you to build your own homemade moonshine still that will deliver batches of strong and delectable moonshine to you and your guests.

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