Your wish to sip on truly delectable and affordable alcoholic beverages made in your own home can certainly come true even as you make new friends once you learn to make ethanol at home. It is quite easy to engage in ethanol distillation provided you seek out matching alcohol distillation equipment and ensure that only pure and strong ethanol drips out of your distilling equipment.

During those dark days of prohibition, people used to secretly distill moonshine and drink it in the privacy of their homes. However, many countries around the world have now lifted the ban on home distillation of ethanol or moonshine or drinking alcohol as it is also called, and you should make it a point to study local distillation laws before you make up your mind to distill fermented mash into ethanol that is further converted into an alcoholic drink of your choice. In addition, you should also grasp the fundamentals of ethanol distillation as well as source the right distillation equipment or still to create liquid magic at home.

Distillation of ethanol involves boiling your fermented mash that contains water along with your chosen ingredients such as grains, fruits, vegetables, or even molasses, which is a by-product derived while making sugar. This process releases ethanol in the form of vapor once the temperature of the mixtures reaches over 78 degrees Celsius. The vapors are then condensed back into liquid form and the result is strong ethanol that drips into a collection vessel. This process can be repeated several times to attain extremely strong ethanol that can then be flavored, aged, or simply sipped in a glass full of ice depending on the alcohol variant that you have created with your very own hands.

If you want to make ethanol at home then you too will need to boil your fermented mixture. You can build your own ethanol still with the help of moonshine still plans that you are sure to find easily over the internet. Most sites offer such plans for free but you should enlist the help of a friend or get positive referrals about a particular plan before you construct your own still with those plans since your still should provide distilled ethanol in a completely safe and consistent way once you fire it up after your painstaking efforts.

On the other hand you can also make ethanol at home by visiting select websites that sell readymade stills that will help you to distill ethanol just like a professional and that too without worrying about the design or construction of the still. You can choose between a copper or stainless steel still for your home ethanol production. Stainless steel is the material of the present and future since it is corrosion proof as well as virtually maintenance free while copper has been used since centuries but requires more maintenance while being vulnerable to corrosion. You should opt for the pot distillation method to make ethanol in small batches and should definitely look out for a still that has an inbuilt ethanol distillation column as well as air-cooled condensing section for ease of operation and maintenance. You should also ensure that your fermented mash is quite strong in the first place by using turbo yeast that can ferment in higher temperatures as well as in stronger mashes.

A suitable ethanol still and a few trial runs is all that is needed for you to get the hang of making moonshine at home within a very short time. In fact, you will surely make new friends once you call like minded people over to help you make or buy your ethanol still as well as help you to make ethanol at home and even share the delicious results of your efforts.

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