If you truly want to have fun while building your moonshine still with your own hands then you can firstly feast your eyes on moonshine still pictures before you build a still. Such pictures will help you to browse through various innovative still designs as well as help you to paint a visual picture of how the still will finally look once you complete construction of your chosen still.

It is very important to check the legal status of distilling moonshine at home in your own country or state before you consider turning your dream of distilling into luscious and heady reality. The actual work begins once you confirm that you can indeed distill moonshine legally at home. You will now have to sift through several moonshine still designs or moonshine still plans so as to choose one that can assist you in building a still that is easy to operate, safe at all times, and deliriously distills for many, many years without any problems. The internet offers a wide range of such plans and you should choose one with clear pictures that help you to understand the construction process in a stunning yet simple way.

By looking at moonshine still pictures, you will also be able to mentally visualize how a particular moonshine still will look in your kitchen, living room, garage, or backyard. You can opt for a traditional design that involves building a moonshine still or an alcohol distillation still as it is also known, completely out of copper. Copper imparts a traditional look to the still and looking at pictures will make you appreciate and even fall in love with your proposed still. Such a still can easily be displayed as a work of functional art and you can place such a still in your living room and watch amazed guests gasp in delight as distilled drops of heady ethanol drip into the attached collection vessel once the distillation process is initiated.

You can also browse through moonshine still pictures of stills made out of stainless steel. Although such stills might not possess the warmth of a copper still, they are virtually maintenance-free and can last for decades unlike a copper still that could corrode after repeated distillation over a few years. A stainless steel still complete with an ethanol distillation column can impart a modern look to your kitchen while effectively separating unwanted elements from your ethanol vapors so as to deliver completely pure ethanol into your collection vessel, provided you also have adequate packing and filters in place within your shiny still.

In addition to looking at mouth-watering still pictures, you should also ensure that the moonshine still plans that you finally download are designed by a true distillery expert so that your home ethanol production proceeds without any technical hitch and rewards you with delicious moonshine on a consistent basis. If building your own still does not appeal to you then you can also drool on pictures of readymade stills that are also available in select online stores and you can quickly order for a matching still that pleases your eyes and performs in excess of your expectations at the same time.

You can truly engage in a new hobby of distilling your chosen moonshine from the comfort of your own home. However, instead of blindly relying on moonshine still plans, you can certainly get a better idea of your proposed still design once you feast your eyes on moonshine still pictures so as to get a firm idea on how your distilling still should look like upon successful construction.

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